Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore is a government operated lottery system in Singapore. The system was first introduced in 1968 to curb the illegal betting. Today, it is the most popular form of gaming in the country. It is open to all permanent residents and foreign residents.

The system offers rolling jackpots. Each ticket has one chance to win. One of the top prizes is S$1 million. If no winner is picked during the draw, the prize pool is divided among lower tier prize winners.

The system is governed by the Tote Board, which oversees the Singapore Turf Club. Betting on sports and lotteries increased dramatically after the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions.

This is why IGT signed a six-year deal with Singapore Pools in 2012. A subsidiary will deploy Aurora Anywhere, a secure gateway to connect external applications to the core lottery system.

Singapore Pools has three main products – Toto, Sweep, and 4Digits. Its four-digit game is the most popular in the country.

The game is offered twice a week, every Monday and Friday at 6:30PM. Tickets start at S$1.00. Players are advised to play responsibly.

For the previous financial year, a total of S$6.6 billion was wagered. An increase of 40% from the previous year.

The highest bets in ten years was recorded. S$9.2 billion was wagered in the 2021/22 fiscal year. In March 2022, a record amount was wagered in the lottery and sports.

Buying lots with other players increases the odds of winning the jackpot. These tickets are available through the official website or mobile app.