How to Keep the Edge at a Casino Under Two Percent


Casinos are profitable. Millions of people play the games, generating enough revenue to support the casino’s operations. However, a casino’s edge over the house is relatively small. This advantage is often called the “rake” or the “vig”. Depending on the casino’s payout percentage and the number of players, the advantage may be higher or lower than two percent. So how do casinos keep their edge under two percent? Here are some tips for avoiding scams and cheating at the casino.

The first line of defense in preventing crime in a casino is to be aware of your surroundings. There are security cameras placed in strategic places throughout the casino, and security personnel monitor every corner and table to detect any suspicious activity. Casino employees also monitor their surroundings. Dealers focus on their work, so they are likely to detect if someone is cheating. Other employees of the casino, such as pit bosses, watch the tables to spot suspicious activity or betting patterns. And remember, each employee in a casino has a superior who keeps a close watch over them.

During the 1950s, casinos in Nevada began to expand their operations. However, most legitimate businessmen were hesitant to invest in a casino in a state where gambling was illegal. However, organized crime figures had ample cash from their illegal rackets and didn’t mind the dirty image. Casinos in Nevada and Las Vegas were soon filled with mafia money. Some even took over some of the casinos. Despite the reputation of the industry, gambling is a lucrative business for the casinos and their customers.